City of Springfield, Minnesota

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The attached sections of the Springfield City Code of Ordinances are current through June 24, 2008.   Click "New Ordinances" subsection for ordinances adopted since June 24, 2008.


Click here to view a copy of the City Charter

Click here to view the Animal Licensing and Regulation  


New Ordinances

Note:  Ordinances 392, 394B, 399, 401, and 402 relate to previous fee schedules that have since been updated.  Ordinance 408 is the most current fee schedule.  Ordinance 395 relates to ward lines that have since been updated.  Ordinance 398 set the current ward boundaries.

City Charter

 The City of Springfield is considered a "Home Rule" charter city, one of 107 such cities in the state.  In short, the Charter is a voter approved constitution governing the City and the authority of elected officials and staff.  Home rule charter cities can exercise any powers in their locally adopted charters as long as they do not conflict with state laws.  Springfield City Charter

Land Use Regulation (Zoning)

Click here to view a pdf copy of the City Zoning and Subdivision Regulations


Click here to view a pdf map of the City Land Use Plan

Click here to download a City Land Use Zoning permit application