City of Springfield, Minnesota

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DNR Recreational Vehicle Licenses and Registrations

DNR Recreational Vehicle Licenses and Registrations
The following may also be renewed through the mail or in person at City Hall:
• Snowmobiles
• Off-Highway Vehicle (Including ATV's - Class 1 & Class 2, Off-Highway Motorcycles, Off-Road Vehicles)
• Watercraft (Boats, Jet Skis, etc.)

Links to Common Motor Vehicle and DNR Forms:
• Drivers Manual 
• Motorcycle Drivers Manual 
• MN CDL Manual
• Application for Corrected Title/Odometer
• Affidavit to Correct Ownership Record
• Duplicate Title Reg Cab or Lien Card Application
• Gift Affidavit
• Sales Tax Affidavit
• Statement of Facts
• Disability Parking Certificate
• Special Plates Application - Brochure
• Title and Register Motor Vehicle Application
• Assignment of Vehicle to Surviving Spouse Not Subject to Probate
• Notification of Assignment Release or Grant of Secured Interest
• MN DNR Licenses and Vehicle Registrations
All services related to driver and vehicle services are available on-line at MN Driver and Vehicle Services