City of Springfield, Minnesota

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As noted in the January 10th edition of the Springfield Advance Press Newspaper, the City of Springfield/PUC has issued a advisory to all of its utility customers due to the unusual number of frozen water services found over the past couple of weeks. Some Water services are freezing due to the depth of the frost in the ground. The result is that water services may freeze at any point between the water main in the street and a customer's home. Water customers are advised to take all necessary precautions to prevent their services from freezing, thereby avoiding the cost of paying someone to thaw the service pipe. The best way to avoid freezing is to trickle water from one of your faucets. this will prevent freezing in most cases and will prevent the cost of thawing in most cases and will prevent the cost of thawing frozen pipes. The City recommends trickling a stream at least the diameter of a pencil lead to assure freeze up will not occur. Customers may be able to anticipate freezing pipes by paying attention to the water at their fixtures and taking proactive measures to avoid freezing. Signs your service may be freezing include:
 -Unusually cold water temperature (less than 35 degrees F)
 -Unusually low water flow at a fixture
 -Discovered water at a fixture
 -Low water pressure at a fixture
 -Extremely cold piping at a fixture
 -Sputtering sound when opening a fixture.

If you experience any of the issues noted above, please contact Springfield Public Utilities at 507-723-3519 and begin immediately tricking your water as described above.