City of Springfield, Minnesota

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All dogs and cats are required to be licensed annually.  Licenses run from May 1-April 30 each year.  The fee is $10 per animal.  Please see the link below for the complete ordinance on animal regulations.

Transient Merchants, Solicitors, and Peddler's Permit

Generally, persons going door-to-door selling goods and services, soliciting orders for goods and services, or setting up a temporary business are required to get the appropriate permit. Those exempt from this requirement include auctions, garage sales, schools and local civic and non-profit groups, and established route delivery persons. Permit applications may picked up at City Hall.

Golf Carts

Golf cart permits may be issued to anyone who has a valid MN driver's license or a certificate signed by a physician that the applicant is able to safely operate a motorized golf cart.  The permit shall be issued by the Chief of Police upon application of any eligible person providing the person furnishes prrof of the following:

1.  Insurance;
2.  Driver's License or the required physician's statement; and
3.  Such other information as may be reasonably required by the Chief of Police

Permits run for one (1) calendar year.  The current fee is $20 per person.  All golf carts are to display a slow moving vehicle emblem.  Please click below for the complete Golf Cart Ordinance and rules.