St. John Lutheran Home Foundation

  • The purpose is to receive and administer the endowment fund, to solicit, and preserve income not generated by service provision, to allow continued discretionary use of this income to assure continuing care of those we serve, and to provide educational opportunities for people in the service area.
  • Meeting - third Monday each month except February and July
  • Contact - 507-723-3200 - St. John Lutheran Home 201 S. County Road 5 Springfield, MN 56087; Fax: 507-723-6429.

Springfield Area Foundation

Mission Statement
"The Springfield Area Foundation, through encouragement of philanthropic giving, provides an opportunity to leave a legacy in support of the future of Springfield and its people, thereby enhancing the quality of life for our community."
A gift to the Springfield Area Foundation is one that keeps on giving.

When you were young, you probably had a piggy bank.  Your dropped your extra pennies, nickels, and dimes into the slot, and by the time the bank was full you had amassed a tidy little sum.
As you grow older, you found a better way to manage your money:  by opening a savings account at the local bank.  That way, your pesky little brother couldn't get his hands on it.  What's more, the bank actually paid you to keep your money there!

If individuals can have savings accounts, why not communities?
They can.  They're called endowments.
How endowments work
Like a savings account, an endowment is a fund that generates income.  Endowments typically consists of stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, or other investments that pay dividends or interest.
There's one important difference, however.  With a savings account, you can withdraw the principal at any time.  With an endowment, the principal is untouchable.  So if you make a contribution to the Springfield Area Foundation Endowment Campaign, you know that your gift will continue working forever, generating a steady flow of income to help the Springfield Area Foundation serve the community for decades to come.
Who Benefits from the Springfield Area Foundation?
The people of the Springfield area benefit.  The Foundation supports funding of activities that promote cultural, educational, civic, wellness, spiritual, and environmental programs in our area.  All qualified institutions and organizations are eligible to make application and receive grants.
Gifts to the Springfield Area Foundation Offer:
CONTINUITY - Gifts can continue to provide community support over a period of years.
SIMPLICITY - One gift may benefit numerous organizations and activities.
PERPETUITY - A fund may be established with assurance that the proceeds will benefit the community well beyond the donor's lifetime.
SECURITY - A well established, ongoing foundation using professional investment counselors assures sound management of gifts.
TAX BENEFITS - Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by Internal Revenue code.
PHILANTHROPY - The Foundation allows others to share one's good fortune with those less fortunate.
How Did the Foundation Begin?
The Springfield Area Foundation was established in 2002 by a group of citizens interested in creating a permanent vehicle that would serve the evolving needs of the Springfield area over time.
How Can You Help?
You can help by contributing in any number of ways to the Springfield Area Foundation.
Outright donations which may include:  Cash, Real Estate, Securities, Personal Property.
Deferred gifts which may include:  Bequests, Life Insurance, Trusts with charitable provisions.
Honor/Memorial Gifts which may include:  A Memorial in honor of a friends or loved one who has died.  A gift to honor a living person.  A gift to commemorate a special occasion.
Principles of the Springfield Area Foundation
BUILT BY DONORS, the Springfield Area Foundation helps people, organizations and businesses that want to improve our community now and in the future.
DONORS give to the Springfield area through the Springfield Area Foundation.
THE FOUNDATION gives people the opportunity to leave a legacy.  The "gift" is never spent.  Only the earnings from your investment are used to benefit and enhance the quality of life in our community.
THE FOUNDATION provides the means to build a substantial amount of money from contributions both large and small.  The earnings from these funds are used to meet the changing needs of the community. 
You can invest in the community in a personal way
The Springfield Area Foundation offers an excellent opportunity for any person, of modest or ample means, to make lasting contributions to the Springfield area.  You can help the community and also receive tax benefits.  You can make a gift right now, or plan for a future gift through your will, a life insurance policy, or other means.  
How Does the Foundation Work? 
The Springfield Area Foundation is governed by an Advisory Committee who serve without compensation.  The Foundation charter specifies their responsibilities:

  • Monitor the management of the Foundation's assets to ensure maximum return for community needs.
  • Inform the community of the Foundation's work and accomplishments.
  • Seek endowment funds and contributions for ongoing work of the Foundation.
  • Serve the community by working with donors and grant seekers.
  • Advise distribution of available funds to eligible organizations through a grant process
  • Appoint a nominating committee to recruit board members representative of the community. 

Gifts are Tax Deductible 
The Springfield Area Foundation of Minnesota Foundation qualifies as a public charity under federal tax laws and all gifts are tax deductible under the Internal Revenue code.
Contact the Advisory Committee
Members of the Advisory Committee are available to speak with individuals, groups and organizations about the work of the fund.  The Advisory Committee oversees the development of the endowment and provides the leadership needed to realize the foundation's mission.  Please send applications to: PO Box 35, Springfield, MN 56087.

Jennifer Asmus, President
Adam Beers
Jeff Graff
Jeff Kuehn
Lewis Larson
Julie Lipetzky
John Moritz
Matt Muske
Cheryl Neidt
Jill Vogel
Paula Roiger
Jodi Dalsgaard
Holli Hoffman
Ramsey Beyer